Gone Mobile

92: Background Tasks can be Shiny

February 2nd, 2024

In this episode, Jon and Allan discuss backgrounding in mobile development. They start by reviewing the virtual list view and how it solved Allan's problem. Then, Jon reveals the story behind his nickname 'Red.' The conversation then shifts to backgrounding in mobile development, covering common scenarios such as data synchronization, image uploads, and real-time GPS. They explore the different approaches to backgrounding on Android and iOS, including the use of services, broadcast receivers, foreground services, and job scheduling. Finally, they discuss background transfers on both platforms. This episode explores background transfers, background tasks, and code execution in mobile apps. The hosts discuss the challenges of handling slow APIs, managing state in background jobs, and scheduling one-off and periodic jobs. They also delve into the intricacies of background GPS in iOS and Android, as well as the considerations for background tasks in Windows. The episode concludes with a brief mention of background tasks in CarPlay and Android Auto.


  • Backgrounding in mobile development is the ability to execute code when an app is not in the foreground.
  • Common scenarios for backgrounding include data synchronization, image uploads, and real-time GPS.
  • On Android, backgrounding can be achieved using services, broadcast receivers, foreground services, and job scheduling.
  • On iOS, backgrounding is more restricted, with foreground services and background transfers being the primary options.
  • Developers should consider the specific platform guidelines and limitations when implementing backgrounding functionality. Background transfers are useful for uploading or downloading large files or data sets.
  • Managing state in background jobs can be challenging, but there are various ways to handle it, such as using preferences or messaging frameworks.
  • Background GPS in iOS and Android allows for tracking location and other data, but it should be used judiciously to avoid excessive battery drain.
  • Background tasks in Windows can be achieved using WinRT APIs, but they may be less relevant in desktop scenarios.
  • Consider the specific use case and user needs before implementing background tasks, and be mindful of the impact on battery life and data usage.


  • Hosts: Jon Dick, Allan Ritchie
  • Audio Engineer: Jim Heath


  • 00:00 Introduction and Virtual List View
  • 05:28 The Story Behind the Nickname 'Red'
  • 08:50 Backgrounding in Mobile Development
  • 19:21 Backgrounding on Android
  • 27:45 Backgrounding on iOS
  • 30:31 Background Transfers on Android
  • 31:55 Background Transfers on iOS
  • 32:42 Background Transfers
  • 33:45 Handling Slow APIs
  • 34:38 Background Tasks in iOS 13
  • 36:46 Managing State in Background Jobs
  • 37:45 One-Off and Scheduled Jobs
  • 40:20 Background Execution in iOS
  • 41:36 Passing State to Background Jobs
  • 44:22 Challenges of Data Synchronization
  • 45:45 Background Execution in Windows
  • 46:19 Background GPS in iOS
  • 47:39 Background GPS in Android
  • 51:53 Considerations for Background Tasks
  • 55:12 Background Tasks in CarPlay and Android Auto

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