Gone Mobile

112: The Tools & Libraries We Use

July 8th, 2024

In this conversation, Jon and Allan discuss various tools they use for development. They talk about their preferred operating systems, monitors, and IDEs. They also mention specific tools like Insomnia for API testing and DevTools for debugging. The conversation is light-hearted and includes some banter about Canadian jokes and hockey. In this part of the conversation, Jon and Allan discuss various tools they use, including antivirus software, DevToys, Setapp, file managers, Docker, Cosmos DB, and coffee brewing equipment. In this conversation, Allan and Jon discuss various soft tools and libraries that they use in their development projects. They cover topics such as coffee-making methods, microphones and audio equipment, standing desks, and .NET libraries like MVVM Toolkit, .NET Orleans, and MediatorR. They also mention the Shiny Templates, a collection of templates for Xamarin and Maui apps. Overall, they provide insights into the tools and libraries they find useful in their development workflows.


  • Visual Studio and Visual Studio for Mac are popular IDEs for development
  • Insomnia is a useful tool for API testing
  • DevTools is great for debugging
  • Choosing the right operating system and monitor can greatly enhance the development experience
  • Having a good set of tools can improve productivity and efficiency Antivirus software can sometimes cause issues with certain tools and applications.
  • DevToys is a useful tool for various tasks like encoding/decoding strings and testing Xpath queries.
  • Setapp is a subscription service that provides access to a wide range of tools and apps for Mac users.
  • Forklift is a file browser and development toolkit for Mac.
  • Total Commander is a file manager that offers a dual-pane interface and other advanced features.
  • Using a proper coffee grinder, like a burr grinder, can result in a better coffee brewing experience.
  • Chemex is a popular coffee brewing method that requires a specific type of kettle and filters.
  • The choice of tools can greatly impact productivity and user experience in software development. There are various soft tools and libraries that developers can use to enhance their development workflows.
  • Choosing the right tools and libraries depends on the specific needs and requirements of the project.
  • Some popular soft tools and libraries mentioned in the conversation include MVVM Toolkit, .NET Orleans, and MediatorR.
  • The Shiny Templates collection provides a wide range of templates for Xamarin and Maui apps.
  • Experimenting with different tools and libraries can help developers find the ones that work best for them.


  • Hosts: Jon Dick, Allan Ritchie
  • Audio/Video Engineer: Jim Heath


  • 00:00 Introduction and Canadian Jokes
  • 02:32 Exploring the Tools We Use for Development
  • 09:17 Using Visual Studio and Rider for Development
  • 13:07 Testing APIs with Insomnia
  • 16:22 The Importance of a Good Monitor
  • 21:07 Other Useful Tools for Development
  • 22:30 Antivirus Software and Compatibility Issues
  • 23:35 DevToys: A Handy Tool for Various Tasks
  • 24:23 Setapp: A Subscription Service for Mac Users
  • 25:24 Forklift: A File Browser and Development Toolkit for Mac
  • 26:09 Total Commander: A Feature-Rich File Manager
  • 29:30 Docker: Simplifying Development and Deployment
  • 30:19 Kubernetes: A Powerful Container Orchestration Platform
  • 31:33 Cosmos DB: Offline Development Challenges
  • 33:19 PostgreSQL: A Versatile and Feature-Rich Database
  • 36:16 Parallels: Efficient Virtualization for Mac
  • 38:12 The Importance of a Proper Coffee Grinder
  • 39:39 Brewing Coffee with Chemex: A Unique Experience
  • 42:15 The Impact of Tools on Productivity and User Experience
  • 43:21 The Shower Method of Making Coffee
  • 45:36 Soft Tools for Podcasting
  • 48:19 Microphones and Audio Equipment
  • 49:22 Standing Desks and Key Lights
  • 52:18 Soft Tools for Mobile App Development
  • 55:49 MVVM Toolkit and .NET Orleans
  • 58:11 Shiny Templates for Xamarin and Maui Apps
  • 01:00:53 MediatorR for Modular Monoliths

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