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109: Dependency Injection - Beyond the Basics

June 7th, 2024

The conversation delves into the topic of dependency injection (DI) and its evolution over the years. It covers the history of DI, different DI libraries, considerations for mobile development, and the future of DI with source generation. The discussion also touches on performance optimizations and the impact of DI on app startup time. The conversation covers topics related to dependency injection, scoping mechanisms, and the challenges of managing scopes in Maui apps. It also delves into the use of Prism and the need for out-of-the-box conventions for handling life cycles and navigation services in Maui. The conversation covers a deep dive into dependency injection, scope boundaries, and the challenges of managing dependencies in the context of mobile app development. It also delves into the nuances of using different DI containers and the impact on app performance. The hosts share their experiences, insights, and recommendations for handling these complexities effectively.


  • Dependency injection has evolved over the years and has become a crucial part of app development, especially in the mobile space.
  • Different DI libraries have their own strengths and considerations, and the choice of library depends on the specific use case and performance requirements.
  • The future of DI may involve source generation, which could lead to significant improvements in performance and reduce complexity in the registration process.
  • Considerations for mobile development include the impact of DI on app startup time and the need for performance optimizations.
  • Property injection and constructor injection are both relevant approaches in DI, and the choice between them depends on the specific requirements of the application. Understanding the challenges of managing scopes in Maui apps
  • The need for out-of-the-box conventions for handling life cycles and navigation services in Maui
  • Insights into the use of Prism and its impact on dependency injection in Maui apps Understanding scope boundaries is crucial for effective dependency injection in mobile app development.
  • Choosing the right DI container can significantly impact app performance and memory management.
  • Managing dependencies and understanding scope lifetimes is essential for avoiding memory leaks and performance issues in mobile apps.


  • Hosts: Jon Dick, Allan Ritchie
  • Audio Engineer: Jim Heath


  • 00:00 The Evolution of Dependency Injection
  • 07:18 Considerations for Mobile Development
  • 13:47 The Future of Dependency Injection
  • 23:23 Understanding Scoping Mechanisms and Life Cycles
  • 26:34 The Need for Out-of-the-Box Conventions in Maui
  • 29:04 Dependency Injection and Prism in Maui Apps
  • 41:28 Understanding Scope Boundaries in Dependency Injection
  • 43:21 Common Misconceptions about Dependency Injection
  • 45:23 Impact of Dependency Injection in Prism and Maui Apps
  • 47:11 Debugging and Validation in Dependency Injection
  • 53:45 Audio Quality and Listener Engagement

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