Gone Mobile

105: Our Android and iOS Wish Lists

May 3rd, 2024

Jon and Allan discuss their experiences and excitement surrounding tech conferences like WWDC and Google IO. They reminisce about attending conferences in the past and the thrill of new announcements and hardware giveaways. They also speculate on what they hope to see at upcoming conferences, such as immersive movies and a foldable iPhone. The conversation touches on the evolution of UI design and the convenience of using smartphones as cameras. The conversation covers topics such as foldable phones, APIs, UI changes, app stores, and permissions. The hosts discuss their preferences for foldable phones and the potential impact on UI design. They also explore the idea of integrating AI and context awareness into app development. The conversation touches on the App Store fees and the review process. They express their frustrations with Android permissions and suggest improvements for a more streamlined process. The conversation covers various topics including the challenges of changing APIs, the user experience of notifications on different platforms, the potential for new features in Apple TV, the power of Apple's M-series chips, the future of gaming on ARM-based devices, and a shout-out to Gerald Versluis and his packages.


  • Tech conferences like WWDC and Google IO are exciting events for developers and tech enthusiasts.
  • Attending conferences provides opportunities to learn about new announcements and interact with engineers.
  • The early days of conferences were filled with groundbreaking announcements and new hardware.
  • The current conference landscape is less surprising, but still offers valuable insights and updates.
  • The hosts express their hopes for future conferences, including immersive movies and a foldable iPhone.
  • The convenience and quality of smartphone cameras have made dedicated cameras less necessary.
  • Foldable phones have advantages in terms of screen size and potential for improved UI experiences.
  • APIs can be used to integrate AI and context awareness into app development.
  • The App Store fees are a topic of debate, but the convenience and services provided by the platform are valuable.
  • Android permissions can be complex and could benefit from a more unified and streamlined approach. - Changing APIs can be challenging, especially when they are frequently updated.
  • The user experience of notifications varies between platforms, with Android offering more customization options.
  • Apple TV could benefit from new features and updates.
  • Apple's M-series chips are powerful and efficient, but their graphics capabilities for gaming are still uncertain.
  • Gaming on ARM-based devices may require cloud streaming to achieve AAA game performance.
  • Gerald Versluis has developed useful packages, such as a screenshot API and an audio plugin, that fill gaps in functionality.
  • New features and APIs may be introduced through plugins before being integrated into cross-platform frameworks like Maui.


  • Hosts: Jon Dick, Allan Ritchie
  • Audio Engineer: Jim Heath


  • 00:00 Introduction and Discussion of Fun Topics
  • 07:30 The Excitement of Early Conferences
  • 26:38 App Store Fees and Review Process
  • 45:08 Navigating the Challenges of Changing APIs
  • 52:05 The Power and Uncertainty of Apple's M-series Chips
  • 59:59 Shout-out to Gerald Versluis and His Useful Packages

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